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Meet the producers: Hamakua Mushrooms

Bob and Janice Stanga started Hamakua Mushrooms on the beautiful Hamakua coast over 17 years ago. They grow their Ali’i Oyster mushrooms in an environmentally controlled 16,00 sq. ft. production facility located in Laupahoehoe. Using automated, specialty equipment and cultivation methods from Japan, they grow their mushrooms in a substrate of corncob, wheat bran and sawdust, in bottles that can be re-used for years. Once the mushrooms are harvested the substrate can be used as a clean, nutrient rich growing medium and Hamakua Mushrooms distributes this product across the island in addition to its delicious mushrooms. Hamakua Mushrooms has been a vendor of ours for a long time and even donates large amounts of mushrooms to our emergency food program whenever they have excess. You can find their mushrooms in grocery stores island wide from Costco to mom and pop health food stores, and of course, in your DA BOX!

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