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Meet Your Farmers: Matthew and Daniel | Island Brothers Farm

Matt and Daniel have been regularly visiting Hawai’i since they were young boys, staying with their aunt and uncle on Maui. Their love of the islands inspired them to search for a piece of land to produce food for themselves and the community. The search took some time, but eventually they found the perfect beautiful orchard in Hawaiian Acres. The orchard was established 30 years ago by an individual involved with Plant It Hawai’i who planted over 100 fruit trees.

When the brothers first entered the orchard, the trees were invisible, covered by brush and invasive plants. It took quite a colossal effort to uncover and find all the trees, prune and clear and bring back the orchard to it’s full health and productivity.

If you have been a member of the DA BOX CSA for the last couple of months, you may remember the delicious longans we had in the program. Many of the recent longans came from Island Brothers Farm.

No pesticides are used in the orchard and only natural and organic methods are implemented. The two brothers are up for the challenge and enjoy the process of researching, experimenting, and learning from other farmers. In the words of Daniel Allen: ‘Allen bros have made it this far and there’s still plenty gas in the tanks.’

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