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Pumpkin, Spice and Everything Fall

The days are getting shorter and holiday gatherings are drawing near. Next week we will be on a week long program break for the holiday. This week we are packing up your CSA shares with our usual range of salad, fruits and mystery veggies as well as frozen kabocha squash and fresh turmeric route for everyone.

Weʻre featuring a pumpkin pie recipe that we've previously posted on the website - if youʻre going to a potluck try this recipe out and be the person who brings a delicious, vegan pie with local sourced ingredients to the party. The recipe includes instructions on how to make a homemade gluten-free pie crust but if you're not up for that adventure, don't be put off, just follow the instructions for making the filling and pour it into a store bought pie crust. This will make it a super quick and simple recipe to follow and it will still be lovely.

We also included this recipe for turmeric paste from fresh turmeric root, and incredible anti-inflammatory with a host of other health benefits, adding more turmeric to your diet is a great way to stay healthy as the seasons change and schedules get a bit more hectic. Once you have this turmeric paste on hand you can easily make the health drink golden milk by stirring a teaspoon of the paste into a mug of warm coconut milk and honey. You can use the paste in curries or turmeric rice. Check out more on the uses of turmeric paste here!

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