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What is the DA BUX Double Up Food Bucks program?

DA BUX Double Up Food Bucks aka “DA BUX” is a statewide program launched in 2017 with funding from a federal program, now known as the Gus Schumacher Nutrition Incentive program. The Food Basket is one of a handful of organizations across the country that was awarded a GusNIP grant to incentivize the purchase and consumption of fruits and vegetables.

DA BUX is what allows us to provide our program at a discounted rate to all of our EBT customers, but the benefits of this program are not limited to produce purchased through our CSA.

DA BUX partners with approved food retailers to double the value of SNAP-EBT benefits. The goal is to help SNAP-EBT cardholders bring home more healthy, local fruits and vegetables while supporting the local economy through our local farmers and food retailers. On Hawai’i Island, when you spend your EBT dollars at KTA and Keauhou Farmers Market on select local fruits and vegetables you will receive a 50% discount. Sign up for a DA BUX Access Card at any KTA Customer Service counter to take advantage of the produce discounts at their store locations.

Please visit to learn more. If you would like to make a monetary contribution to support the DA BUX program on Hawaii Island, please donate to the “Good Food For Everyone Fund” at

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