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Candied Orange Peels


Candied Orange Peels


  1. Use a sharp knife to peel the orange from the top of the fruit to the bottom in ¼ inch wide strips. Scrape off any remaining flesh on the peel.

  2. Next, you will blanch the peel to remove bitterness. 

  3. Add the strips to a medium saucepan and cover with water. 

  4. Bring to a boil for 5 minutes. 

  5. Drain and repeat the boiling process with fresh water. Drain well.

  6. Candy the peels by adding equal parts sugar and water to a saucepan. Ensure your peels are covered. 

  7. Stir the sugar and water over medium heat until the sugar dissolves, then add the peels and bring to a boil. 

  8. Simmer for 40-60 minutes, stirring occasionally.  

  9. Remove from heat and let stand for 5 minutes.

  10. Prepare a wire metal drying rack overtop of parchment paper or tin foil. 

  11. Discard the syrup and use a slotted spoon to spread peels on rack. 

  12. Let stand at room temperature for at least 12 hours.

Option to dip candied peel strips in melted chocolate and cool until the chocolate has hardened.


  • 3 oranges (or any citrus)

  • 2 cups granulated sugar

  • 2 cups water

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